Liza Koshy’s New Haircut And Looks Is Proof Bobs Aren’t Going Anywhere

Each time a hair pattern gets excessively large (which means everybody and your mom is shaking it), there’s generally some pushback the other way. It appears that isn’t the situation with alternate ways right now, as clear by Liza Koshy’s bounce hairstyle.

The YouTuber and on-screen character shared her large cleave to Instagram this week (what another place?) with her typical amusing inscription. “Sway and I look great together,” she composed, prompting influencer Amanda Cerny to state “I transport it” and we very concur. 

Koshy labeled hairdresser Leslie D. Bennett in the photograph so we’re accepting that she’s answerable for the one-length weave with wispy closures. She likewise gave a holler to cosmetics craftsman Elaine Offers Woulard, who gave her a bronzy face beat utilizing C’est Moi’s spotless magnificence items. Beautician Jason Rembert dressed the star, however, we don’t know yet where precisely she’s going looking so chic. 


Koshy has such a large number of tasks in progress, her new look could truly be for anything. At the point when she’s not caught up with making comical recordings or posting the Broom Challenge on Instagram stories, she’s shooting covers for Teen Vogue and music recordings with Anthony Ramos (out tomorrow!). There’s nothing she can’t do and we love to see it. 

Obviously, the Internet star isn’t the just one hacking her hair off starting late. There’s Ashley Benson, Kaia Gerber, Jennifer Lopez, and Natalie Portman—just to give some examples. That is also all the artificial bounces from celebs including Khloe Kardashian and Camila Cabello.

The rundown never closures and we can scarcely keep up. In any case, it’s as acceptable a period as any to roll out the improvement yourself and utilize Koshy’s chic hair as all the inspo you need. 

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