List Of Marijuana Events Hit By The Coronavirus

As we move into the new chapter, “The End of Days: Death by Stupid Edition”, it is worth considering how COVID-19 can affect the cannabis industry, and if cannabis can be part of a toolkit.

On Sunday, Governor Kate Brown announced a Coronavirus Emergency, meaning more funding and personnel are being requested. Nothing has been put forward that could affect any person from going to a pharmacy or using the delivery service. So for now, everything is fine and relatively speaking.

However, that may change. That doesn’t mean it can happen, but it can, so stay calm and consume cannabis. Swine flu, the former epidemic, has no measurable impact on the industry of SARS and others, so it is entirely speculative, as is any forecast.

List Of Marijuana Events Hit By The Coronavirus
List Of Marijuana Events Hit By The Coronavirus

Starting from a global perspective, cannabis has had a viral impact on the production of goods in every imaginable field, including those needed for production, consumption, and sale. For the daily marijuana business:

The supply deficit can be partially offset by the US manufacturing companies that produce the necessary lighting, HVAC. But the instances in which such big-scale deals are made are infected by the virus.

Cancellations include a substantial cannabis business footprint planned by SXSW and the Anaheim-based 2020 Natural Products Expo West, with some CBT brands registered as vendors.

Canna Tech in Tel Aviv is postponing the Berlin version of the International Cannabis Business Conference, along with the American Herbal Products Association’s Hemp-CBT Congress, scheduled for next month here in Portland.

If the virus had spread, school closures in Washington state would have severely emphasized telecommunications – producers and processors would have to temporarily cut staff or lay off workers.

But any deficiencies from doing so will be negated by the excessive supply of many cannabis products that Oregon is still struggling with, so this is not a key point to emphasize.

Do you want to emphasize something? Emphasis is placed on the virus. Stress affects the immune system, which reduces your body’s ability to fight diseases. Therefore, washing your hands properly and reducing stress is one of the best things you can do to stay healthy.

As decades of use have shown, cannabis users can help reduce stress. It allows participants to change their concerns and perspectives, which is not so much but focuses on other interests, pursuits, and engagements.

Events hit by the coronavirus

  • American Herbal Products Association
  • Baltimore Cannabis Relief Festival
  • Body – The Power of the CBT Conference in Cologne, Germany
  • Annual Policy Conference of the California Cannabis Industry Association
  • Cannabis Wedding Expo
  • Kannatec in Tel Aviv, Israel
  • Conversations in Cannabis
  • Hall of Flowers
  • High Times Ganja Cup Central Valley
  • Berg International Cannabis Business Conference
    • Negan Boston
    • Ngo Hemp Expo


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