Legacies’ Season 2 Episode 5 Full Review: What’s New in the Series?



While Lizzie and Hope battle their way through an alternate reality based on the 1980s hits (killing a Minot in the process!), Their classmates take on a different type of Salvatore School’s’ 80s dance Navigated the battlefield of.

Notably, Josie and Landon had sex for the first time, though Jodie took a break when she discovered a song written by Hope for Hope in Penelope’s magical detective magazine. (That thing comes in handy, isn’t it?)

Meanwhile, Sebastian tricked Wade to free Wade from the tomb of his exile (no thanks to MG and Caleb), and the headmaster Verdemus finds out – wait for it – Clark in disarray!

Below, executive producer (and co-writer of this episode) Brett Matthews breaks down the biggest twist of the week, y Buffy-Esque from Verdimus revealed with Josie’s impending meeting Freya Mickelson?

Legacies’ Season 2 Episode 5 Full Review: What’s New in the Series?

I wrote the episode with Thomas Brandon, and we were both children of the 80s. As soon as we knew we were dancing for a decade, we thought, “This is the era with which we are most comfortable.” And once this concept was crystallized, we tried to use this episode as much as possible. Evan Warner, who cut the incident and is a prolific editor on our show, really pushed the video game aspect of it.

Between him and Barbara Brown – who has directed some of our amazing episodes including music over the past year – we went for it. A lot of stuff is scattered towards 80s movies, and because Thomas and I are products of the same. We are in this business because of the films we watched as children in the 80s.

Also, the game gave Hope and Lizzie the perfect outfit for the dance.
Yes. It was a long run to include Matt Davis in the Indiana Jones outfit. The world needs to see this.

And we are grateful to you for this. Hope and Lizzie made for an exciting pair. What makes Lizzy the perfect person to remember Hope?

The perfect person is often the worst. We asked ourselves, “Who is in the most complex and interesting scenario if they remember the first time?”

Seeing everything going on between Josie and Landon, Lizzie was the right person. Hope is her insanity and her loyalty to her sister, so it makes sense to put Lizzie right in the middle of that scenario. I like that they hug in the end.

Any chance for that friendship – or at least that truss – to stick?

I think so. I think they are friends, they are combative and whatever, but that is just high school. In my mind, they have always been friends, but they are reluctant to accept it. I enjoyed watching the development of that relationship, and it is one that will continue to develop.


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