“League of Legends”‘New fighting game Soon : Release date and other Details

With its big 10th anniversary celebrations, Riot revealed a whole bunch of new games. Something amongst those was Project L, a project name for a League of Legends fighting game.

This is what Riot has been working on since it came up with Radiant Entertainment, a developer that is being run by EVO co-founder Tom Cannon, dating back to 2016.

There have been speculations for a while that Riot was developing a fighting game, and now that we’ve seen the first sneak peek.

We almost know nothing about the game yet if it was to be put out in a nutshell. However, we do know a wee bit of it. Mind you, a tiny bit.

"League of Legends"'New fighting game Soon : Release date and other Details
“League of Legends”‘New fighting game Soon : Release date and other Details

The look resembles that of most 2.5D fighters.

From the handful of sneak peeks we got to see with a UI present, a lot of the typical fighting game elements are there.

Health levels, EX/super gauges, the typical timer, round win counters, and combo counters are all present.

However, since we know the game is in a pre-alpha state, there is a good chance there might be huge systems that are not there or there might actually be the usage of placeholders.

League of Legends has over 8million concurrent active players, and the world championship is the largest esports tournament as far as viewerships go, said Riot Games head of esports Naz Aletaha in an interview with GamesBeat.

Last year, close to 99.6 million people watched the world championship as it happened.

On an annual basis, Riot Games hosts the League of Legends World Championship for the best players and teams across the globe.

This year’s edition commenced from October 2 in Berlin for play-ins and group stages.

Then the event moves to Madrid starting October 26 for the quarterfinals and semi-finals and ends with the final in Paris on November 10.

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