CIRCA 1967: Rock and roll band "The Beatles" pose for a portrait in circa 1967. (Photo by Michael Ochs Archives/Getty Images)

landbo is my name for the idea of a land where you can buy or rent. It’s a way to earn money while not living in a city for a few months or years. My favorite part is working with a few different land owners to sell my property.

There are a few different ways to earn money in landbo. For example, I love selling my property in the summer months, when rental rates are low. I also love selling my property in the winter, when rental rates are sky high. These days, landbo is also a way to earn money for a person in the US while they’re in jail. As a result, the landbo industry is booming. These days you can just walk into any airport and find a landbo rental.

I’m currently selling landbo on the island of Blackreef to my buddy Jeff, who’s in prison. He’s got a lot of landbo and is looking to get it out of his contract with the island. While I’m selling my landbo, I can also earn money selling this island to Jeff.


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