Lana Condor Talks Funny Stories about Meeting the Obamas on the Tonight Show  

Before the Feb. 12 appearance of To All the Boys: P.S. I Still Love You, Lana Condor ended by The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon to talk basically all the vitality that is happened in her life since including in the first TATB film.

In spite of the way that she and costar Noah Centineo have gotten two of Netflix’s most noteworthy stars, Lana’s image of regard likely has more to do with finding a functional pace one and only Michelle Obama. 

The 22-year-old on-screen character got together with the past First Lady in Vietnam where they tended to little adolescents about the hugeness of guidance. Regularly, she was completely charmed, to such a degree, that when she met Barack minutes sometime later, she offered an insignificantly ungraceful expression.

Lana- Condor- Talks- Funny- Stories- about- Meeting- the- Obamas- on- the- Tonight- Show  
Lana- Condor- Talks- Funny- Stories- about- Meeting- the- Obamas- on- the- Tonight- Show

I took after, anyway for what reason I said that she winced in the wake of revealing what she told the 44th president. Watch the fasten above to hear the full story, by then be cautious for refreshes on Lana including in another film titled To Michelle Obama: P.S. I Still Love You. 

This was definitely not an all-inclusive press junket notwithstanding—she was there for a significantly increasingly philanthropic clarification and going with perhaps the most energizing woman on earth—past FLOTUS, Queen of All Queens, and Mrs. Michelle Obama.

I don’t have the foggiest thought! Lana yelled when Jimmy Fallon asked her on Wednesday night at The Tonight Show how she scored such a sweet travel pal. 

I got a call! Well, it’s to some degree more caught than that, yet everything looks good. Two or three years earlier, Lana teamed up with The Asia Foundation to make an award for Vietnamese youngsters to get auxiliary school preparation.

Lana herself was imagined in Vietnam and got at four-months-old before moving to the U.S., so this award is essential to her. Michelle Obama has a tantamount hold, Girls Opportunity Alliance, which also benefits youngsters searching for preparing. 

“Our characteristics concur!” Lana explained. The total of the unforeseen, I got this call, ‘May you need to go to Vietnam with Mrs. Obama?’ And I looked like, ‘Uh YES. I thoroughly would.

I’ll leave now! Her reaction is for all intents and purposes of how we would react; besides, we may need to call the burial service home.

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