Kim Kardashian Fans React to Steamy Photo of Her Kissing Kanye West


Kim Kardashian is one of the most followed celebrities on Instagram boasting over 149 million followers. Every time the celebrity posts a picture it quickly becomes viral and fans react almost immediately.

The “Keeping Up With The Kardashians” star posted a loving picture with her husband Kanye West. In the photo, “Kim Kanye” is sharing a passionate kiss, which is a rarity in the couple. Sparks continue to fly for this power couple.

Kim and Kanye take extreme precautions of showing public displays of affection (PDA). The Yeezy creator is usually reserved in public and has a quiet demeanor to him.

At public events where photographers are everywhere, Kanye mostly has a serious look on his face while giving his wife the spotlight.

Kim Kardashian Fans React to Steamy Photo of Her Kissing Kanye West

Fans react to the photo.

The pic is sweet and lovely that showcases the love that Kim and Kanye have for one another. Most reports about the couple are scandalous and gossipy and this Instagram post is a nice change of pace. The couple looked comfy, wearing hoodies, with Kardashian West in sneakers.

Kim’s sister, Khloé Kardashian, said, “long live KimYe.” “I never thought this was going to last but it is. Congrats, you all make it last forever,” a fan wrote. “It’s the first time I see a photo of both of you like this,” another fan wrote in Spanish. “Love what you all are doing, please keep it going,” read another reply.

A lot of Kim’s followers were asking Kanye about his album as they are anxious to listen to his new musical creations.

The couple had a rather busy weekend, beginning with one among West’s Sunday Service performances in port on a weekday, wherever girl North shared a sweet moment along with her male parent on stage. The eldest West child enthusiastically sang and danced along to the music, showing off her missing front tooth.


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