Julia Roberts and her husband Danny Moder really get into a huge argument over Leonardo Dicaprio?

A celebrity tabloid recently published that Julia Roberts had taken up a fight with her husband Danny Moder over Leonardo Dicaprio. But is it really true? Woman’s Day claimed in its news that at the Sean Penn’s 10th Annual Core Gala,  Roberts was seen smitten by Dicaprio and ignored Moder completely.

The tabloid claims that the news was confirmed by an onlooker who witnessed the heated arguments between the two. The unknown entity had been interviewed for more information who said that it was awkward for Danny and even for people looking at them.

Julia- Roberts- and -her- husband Danny Moder really get- into- a- huge- argument -over -Leonardo- Dicaprio?
Julia- Roberts- and -her- husband Danny Moder really get- into- a- huge- argument -over -Leonardo- Dicaprio?

Roberts was all smiles for Leo and the two were so deep in conversation with each other that Moder seemed out of place. More like a third wheel in a date, and in this situation, the date was of DiCaprio and Julia Roberts. The story did not end here, the magazine quoted another close source, who said that Danny brought the subject up in the drive back home.

Just like other times, Roberts did not pay much heed to it which irked Danny. He accused her of humiliating him in front of the most famous U.S. tabloids. That was not where the source stopped at,  he/she even doubted them sleeping in different rooms that night. But fans and followers of the celebrities highly doubt the claims made by Woman’s Day. Because the tabloid has made false claims about the couple’s relationship before as well.

Once it was a fake fight between the two at a Rolling Stones concert. Another time it was their marriage falling apart because of Brad Pitt. But sadly for the tabloid every single time there was some proof that cleared the air. This time it’s the People’s magazine reported a piece of news stating the couple inseparable at the Charity event along with a photograph of the three happily chatting. Verdict- Julia Roberts and Danny Moder fight- Fake News


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