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Friends’ Removal Leads To Huge Increase In sales Of DVDs & Digital Purchases!
Friends’ Removal Leads To Huge Increase In sales Of DVDs & Digital Purchases!

jani is a singer/songwriter from New Orleans, Louisiana and the inspiration behind her music is the same as her lyrics: “I’m a rebel and I’m the reason you’re on edge.” She can be found on twitter @janiking.

jani is currently in the midst of a project called Rebel Radio that she is working on with the group of music writers who are behind jani’s new album. Rebel Radio has a number of artists that are going to be featured in the album, including jani king and her brother. The album is set to release late in 2012 and is going to be a double album with an acoustic song and a song with a full rock sound. The album is due out on March 1st.

I love jani, and I love her brother. He is awesome. As for the album, I’m not sure about its release date, but I’m sure it will be out very soon.

We had a couple of suggestions for a title for the upcoming album. One suggestion is that the artist’s name should be something like jani king, and that the title should be jani king, too. This is not as likely as jani. The other reason to include the artist’s name is that it’s a song that we’re going to be playing in one of the songs that you want to play in the album.

I’m thinking that the artwork is too small for the time, but even though the artwork is quite large, I thought it would be great to have a good looking title.

You can also think of the title as a little like “the album title.” It’s just a name that you think of while the album is playing and that can have a very specific meaning.

Now that I know this, I’m really liking the name. It seems to be a catchphrase of sorts. So you can think of it as “jazzy”.

Jani King is a very talented and prolific singer, so it makes sense that she might come up with a catchy name. It’s also very different from the album title. The album title is a little more abstract, and refers to the album itself, not to the songs. The name is an attempt to make it more general than her previous album, and it’s definitely a good one.

It’s not as catchy as the album title. The name is a little less abstract and more concrete. It actually reminds me of the name of the girl who had her name changed from the first album to the second, and got a whole new album named after her.


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