Jaclyn Hill After Her Lipstick Scandal Is Finally Ready to Re-Launch Her Beauty Brand

YouTube star Jacqueline Hill is set to make her comeback in the beauty space!

The 29-year-old star revamped and rebooted her applying makeup brand, Jacqueline Cosmetics. “The future is bright,” the cosmetics company poked on Instagram on Monday with information about the re-launch date. “11/26/19.”

But surprisingly, the reactions of beauty lovers were mixed after this news was shared on social media. “Here we go. Let’s cross our fingers,” one user commented. The other said, “We’re trying again? Cool.”

Of course, there are some who expect and are excited to see what Jacqueline cosmetics has to offer around this time. “Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh !!! IDK and IDK what is it — I want it, and I need it !!”, one person wrote. “I’m so glad you never gave up !!!”

As makeup devotees may remember, Jacqueline announced that her much-awaited brand will finally launch in May. For their first release, they dropped the So Rich Lipstick collection, which offered nude lipsticks in 20 different colors.

However, after numerous customers issued complaints about her products, her stunning line of lipsticks quickly wreaked havoc in the beauty community.

Jaclyn Hill After Her Lipstick Scandal Is Finally Ready to Re-Launch Her Beauty Brand

Many found that pieces of hair and pieces of metal were found in their lipsticks. In addition, others began to infer that mold and other perceived contaminants were observed in their lipsticks – note that this was never verified.

Following complaints spreading like wildfires online, the brand initially told costumers that it would accept the returned product and return the purchase price with a new lipstick. But by the end of June (a few weeks after the launch date), Jacqueline Cosmetics released another statement, claiming that they would return all of their customers, regardless of whether people loved or hated their product.

However, many beauty enthusiasts criticized the brand for not releasing the recall.

The scandal, also dubbed “Lipstickgate”, certainly shook Jacqueline to her core. “My debut was a failure. It failed. It sucked,” she said in a candid YouTube video that she uploaded about two months after her line was released. “I was so confident that I was almost arrogant. Because I was like, ‘This is the best thing people have ever seen.”

She continued, “It’s important to me that you guys know how sorry I am, how sorry I am. It’s shocking.”

In the same video, she explained that she had hired an entirely new team and cut ties with the lab in which she applied her lipstick. “In this past month, I’ve built a completely new quality control team. I’ve brought in many different people for all different things,” she said. “As a CEO, as a boss, you don’t need to sit and say ‘wow.’ You have to start rebuilding. ”

The 29-year-old YouTuber also assured her loyal followers that she would come out with new products when things would cool down and feel right.

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