How Would BlockChain Technology Change the Way We Play Games


The ecosystem of mobile gaming and apps is enormous. The market for mobile gaming still grows, worth over 40 billion dollars already–but only a handful of developers profit from this development. Address why blockchain should be chosen by portable games and app shops.

Developers and publishers were forced to spring on the mobile car with the achievement of the market. These developers were able to reproduce Clash Royale, Pokémon Go or multiple Candy Crush increments in vibrant economic results.

You can explore millions of games in app shops, which took a long time to complete their launch–making economic truth completely different from what you might think.

The pressure to push starter dates led the contest to get the attention of a player–not exactly right. Look at the path of the Assassin’s Belief games–it’s off, off, off, and worse. Player acquisition costs continue to rise as players and tech consumers, while retention rates continue to decline.

It’s not a great recipe for developer achievement, according to Giacomo Tognoni, Chairman and CEO of Betherium. “It was just three to four years ago that a good headline and some advertising were sufficient to make a winner come back.

How Would BlockChain Technology Change the Way We Play Games
How Would BlockChain Technology Change the Way We Play Games

“Apple was also sufficient to have one million players and a long quarry. Some of the finest projects can now be satisfied if they recover the expenses of growth and even break marketing. An Apple function could not offer more than a short-lasting download peak with so many games outside.

Blockchain solutions can pave the way for new business models, going beyond the current free-to-play (F2P). F2P is struggling to deliver the returns to the developers, with competition growing (many of the games that lead to less attention and retention rates, increased production expenses and greater customer purchase expenses.

Premium pricing requires early player’s investment, which reduces game penetration and player foundations in turn for all other than the most exaggerated or promoted games. High app store charges reduce the sustainability of these pricing models.

Tognoni adds, “The applications are no better — users are scarce and, as opposed to games, the applications don’t monetize well (apps only make cash, if some larger companies buy them). You can count on thousands of mistakes for every success tale, therefore.

After using the Blockchain concept, app shops and marketplaces can thrive exponentially. Because of many intermediaries between customers and developers, the app industry is extremely inefficient. The construction of these shops on Blockchain will provide transparency, cost-effectiveness, but, above all, decentralization.

Matteo Ziff, Rokk3r Labs, explained when he discussed what would persuade people to go or switch to any other application store or platforms: “To maintain full control of the technology that is available on the platforms Apple and Google operate their own app shops. The scheme has a basis with Blockchain that it can be decentralized.

Big tech firms (Apple, Google, Amazon) are a barrier in the existing ecosystem to empower creators regarding their products. This paradigm Blockchain is ready to shift.

With this trend in mind, many developers have moved from free to play to premium pricing.

Thus, Blockchain lowers friction, first and foremost. Currently, mobile games and app stores send products via a central broker. Blockchains can be used to the trad wallet by wallet, user by user, and thus avoid highly centralized distribution models processing charges.

Mobile games and app stores are currently not safe. Whether censorship or hacking –there are always problems. There are problems. We can secure not only mobile devices with Blockchain but also the systems on which games and their applications operate. We can then provide users and developers with an advantage— by using the Blockchain-based application. 

However, we should never underestimate the importance of best VPN services–providing mobile games and app shop users with the next level of online protection.


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