Here’s Everything You Should Know About 13 Reasons Why Season 4

 ‘13 Reasons Why’ season three has finally released which means the countdown for the show’s fourth and final season has already begun. With only one more season left, fans are questioning what is going to happen next for the students of Liberty High as they deal with their greatest issue yet, while trying to withstand the harsh hierarchy that constitutes their high school.

So what is next for Clay and his gang and how will they haul themselves out of the next big case ahead of them? Read on.

Are ‘13 Reasons Why’ season 4 happening?

Good news and bad news for ‘13 Reasons Why’ fans. The show has been renewed for a fourth season. Yay! However, it will also be the show’s last. Sigh! Netflix first announced the news alongside the show’s final season 3 trailer that had people wondering who killed Bryce Walker.

Here's Everything You Should Know About 13 Reasons Why Season 4
Here’s Everything You Should Know About 13 Reasons Why Season 4

When will season 4 start film?

Fortunately, Netflix had thought ahead for this one and decided to shoot both season 3 and season 4 back-to-back, which means the cast is currently filming for the final series.

What is going to happen in season 4?

Season 3 ended in a huge cliffhanger as it was shown that Jessica and Alex were the ones who killed Bryce. They also possess a copy of the tape where he confesses to raping Jessica and Hannah. Monty was also killed when he went to jail for sexually assaulting Tyler and was accused of Bryce’s murder.

Meanwhile, season 3’s closing scene featured an unknown fisherman finding the guns that Tony and Clay got rid of for Tyler in the lake. Will the police trace it back to them or will someone else get blamed for it all? We have to wait for Netflix to release season 4 to get all the answers.

When does season 4 come out?

As they are still shooting for season 4, it’s a little difficult to predict when exactly it will come out. But we all know Netflix loves to release things yearly, so there’s a good chance that it will come out sometime in early 2020.

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