Grimes Shares New Single “So Heavy I Fell Through The Earth”

Following the recent release of his music video for “Violence”, Grimes has launched the latest single from his upcoming Miss_Anthropocene album, “So Heavy I Fail Through the Earth”. The six-minute love song already has a full-length “Kala Mix” and the short “Algorithm Mix”, both the Mix is shared by Grimes himself.

“Heavy Heavy Fail Through the Earth” is the third single from Grimm’s eagerly awaited album, including “Violence” and “We Appreciate Power”, which debuted nearly a year ago. Although the first single from Miss_Anthropocene essentially arrived at least an eternity ago (in the eyes of the fast-moving music industry), the album still has no release date.

In a recent Instagram post, Grimes said: “Who Boy finally got a release date for things from this AMB label.” She also responded to some comments, stating that a track called “My Name is Dark” is next. “4” a.m., which is expected to be released on 12 December 2019.

Grimes Shares New Single “So Heavy I Fell Through The Earth”

Grimes has released a new song, “So Heavy I Fail Through the Earth”, the latest single from his upcoming album Miss_Anthropocene, which still does not have a release date. “We Vice Power”, coming back in September, and will be placed at number three on the album after “Violence”.

“So Heavy I Fail Through the Earth” is a windy and deep six-and-a-half-minute song, centered around the song: “So heavy I fell through the earth / Cus I love you.” Has shared two different versions of the song – the full-length “Art Mix” and the short length” Algorithm Mix.”

She announced the single release earlier this week in an Instagram post, stating: “Who Boy has finally got release dates for things for this label.” In the comments of that post, she responded to some by saying that more Miss_Anthosen was single. On the way: There is a track called “Mera Naam Andhra”, followed by “4 Me”, which she closed on the 12/12 release date. She shared a photo of the latter on social media last year.

Perhaps most importantly, Miss Anthropocene (now without an underscore) has an official release date of 2/21/20. It also has cover art and tracklist. “We Appreciate Strength,” originally billed as the album’s lead single is not on it. “Violence,” which was later promoted as the lead single, cut.

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