Grey’s Anatomy’ Season 16 Episode 8 Review: Spoilers, makers and More Things to know!


I love it when television viewers lock their entire cast in one room. It seems that we have somehow made a VIP ticket for the hottest reunion in town or a seat at the Golden Globes. It is even more glamorous when everyone trades their scrub for the appropriate business attire.

As Meredith faces the medical board, every doctor we know and shows love to support the rock-star surgeon. Meredith’s attorney ordered her to sit with her lips. People call it foreboding. The records show that Meredith would neither sit nor lip.

Why? Because one of the surgeons on the panel is the line of people, who will decide whether Meredith is fit for a medical license or Castello. Does his name ring a bell? It must be. He is the one to kill Derek Shepherd.


Meredith is fiery. Especially when he doesn’t recognize her. Just looking at it brings back all the feelings of that day. In a second division, we see that Derek Drs. With Castello lying on a garnish. The statue torments Meredith. It hurts me, too, and also sees someone else who loves McAdramie. Unfortunately, if they dismiss Castello, it will be six months before the hearing is re-issued. This is unacceptable to Meredith. Bring on witnesses.

Grey’s Anatomy’ Season 16 Episode 8 Review: Spoilers, makers and More Things to know!

Bailey first swears, and gives her answers like a cold, heartless robot. Who cares that Meredith named her baby after Bailey? She reminds the audience and the panel that Meredith is no longer the head of her general surgery.

The opposing attorney, Ashley, piles on some other items on Meredith’s disciplinary record, and once again, we see Christina, George, Izzy, and young Alex is cutting LVAD wires, performing surgeries on interns, and brain tumors. Instruct the younger residents to remove.

In short, Things Dr. Not looking for Gray.

DeLuca is next time and comfortable until their relationship ends. Castello wants to know the union is consensual. Both Delucca and Meredith roll their eyes at this unpleasant question.

Ashley then asks Delaca why he once applied for a transfer? (Q Alex is beating DeLuca to a pulp.) DeLuca said that she changed her mind. Ashley bites her eyes and says, “Dr. Gray ensured this.”

And then Schmidt sings praises to Meredith once, after randomly telling the whole room that he was a human blood bank. Ashley asks about Gabby, noting that Schmidt was on the case. This means he must have checked his ID bracelet, which read Alice Gray. Did she not notice?

Schmidt melted into a puddle, explaining that he thought it was a mistake and that the hospital made an error. So he went to Dr. Took to Bailey. Now we know the person who drove Meredith out.

Is this a wrong thing? Meredith was breaking the law. Should we be mad at Schmidt like all other trainees?

This news surprised everyone, which could give the panel a 15-minute break. During this time, Delica and Meredith sit on a bench, in which water appears. She thinks out loud that this may be her last day as a doctor. If so, she projects that she and Deulu have not made it. If he can bite and he can’t, they are done.

This is a harsh burn, and only for a while? Didn’t this friend go to jail for Meredith?
Hunt and Weber take the stand. Both fail badly because this Ashley man is very good at his job. Weber lies directly and proves that he is Dr. Tilts, the rules in favor of Gray.

Even Weber’s old assistant arrives and shares that Meredith was not matched at Seattle Grace. Richard Weber had to call.

The hits keep on coming. Alex defends Meredith’s negligence, but upon questioning Ashley that Shaw had been expelled from the hospital, Ashley inquires but stops short when Ash is challenged. Alex sees no reason to bring the picture to the children. Castello tags in and both wonder if abusive behavior is a part of life for Gray House home.


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