Google’s latest launch is more about the brand than the tech- Details inside.


Google has launched its latest flagship phones, element four and 4XL. Although the latest models which feature comparatively marginal enhancements to their predecessors, the launch was staged with much fanfare by Google as if it represented a major breakthrough for the company and therefore the smartphone market despite most of the merchandise specs being leaked before the event.

The launch was simply the newest in an exceedingly series of product launches by leading digital school firms that sharply overdone recent innovations.

On September 10, for instance, Apple introduced three new iPhones, revamped Apple Watches and two new subscriptions services, TV+ and Apple Arcade. After the two weeks later, Amazon presented a long list of new gadgets at its Alexa event.

All these launches have one thing in common: the “novelties” they introduce square measure simply iterations of their existing product giving, yet they are presented as revolutionary.

Exaggeration doesn’t come back as a surprise in selling and packaging. Yet digital firms pursue an explicit strategy with their product launches. The main goal of those events isn’t most introducing specific gadgets.

Google’s latest launch is more about the brand than the tech

It is to position these companies at the center of the aura that the so-called digital revolution has acquired for billions of users – and customers around the world.

Jobs’ talent was more in the marketing and promoting of new devices than in developing the technology. Since the Eighties, Apple’s founder recognized the power of a new vision surrounding digital technologies. This vision saw the non-public pc and later the net as harbingers of a new era.

It was a strong cultural story targeted round the concept we have a tendency to square measure experiencing a digital “revolution”, a thought historically related to the political modification that currently came to explain the impact of new technology.

In this context, Jobs carefully staged his launches in order to present Apple as the embodiment of this myth.


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