Google Chromes New Update Removed Undo Closed Tab Option- But How to get it back


Google Chrome recently received a software update that did more harm than good, at least for some people out there. The new Chrome 78 update has removed the option to “Close other tabs” from the tab context menu.

This change had been in the making for quite some time, with claims of Google removing the option alongside others like “Bookmark all tabs” and “Close tabs to the right” from the tab context menu showing up some four or so years ago before being quashed away in 2017.

In Chrome 78, however, Google finally delivered the blow by ditching the “Close other tabs” option but sticking with the “Close tabs to the right” option.

Before the update, right-clicking on a tab in Google Chrome Canary revealed the options to open a new tab, Close other tabs, Reopen closed window, and Bookmark all tabs alongside several others.

Google Chrome New Update Removed Undo Closed Tab Option- But How to get it back

After the update to Chrome 78, right-clicking on a tab reveals that none of the above options exists in the menu that pops up. Yes, you cannot open a new tab, close other open tabs, reopen a closed window, or even bookmark all tabs at a go, but you can still close tabs to the right.

Truth be told, this change might not bother some people, but for power users, removing this option is the worst it could get.

With threats of ditching Chrome if the Close other tabs option doesn’t make a comeback, Google has seemingly caved in and now also has plans to bring the option back in the next installation of the Chrome Canary version.

Redditors can confirm that the option to close other tabs is now back in the tab context menu when you right-click. As for when the feature will find its way to the stable version of Chrome is unknown, but now that it’s back, that shouldn’t be something to worry about.

Meanwhile, you can close other tabs manually by clicking the first tab you want to close and shift-clicking the last tab to select the whole range, then hit Ctrl+W to close the selected tabs.

As for the option to bookmark all tabs, it’s unknown if and when it will make a comeback. Of course, we will be here to let you know if it comes back, but for now, press Ctrl+Shift+D to bookmark all tabs.


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