Game of Thrones Star Kristofer Hivju Teases Jon Snow and Tormund’s Fate After the Finale


Game of Thrones finished the previous summer. A ton of fans were not satisfied with the way the hit HBO arrangement found some conclusion and they grumbled boisterously via web-based networking media. Fans needed an alternate consummation for the arrangement, at the end of the day must approve of the manner in which things all worked out. Presently, Game of Thrones on-screen character Kristofer Hivju is uncovering what Tormund and Jon Snow may be up to since their primary experience has found some conclusion. 

Game of Thrones gave us one final take a gander at Jon Snow as he traveled north of The Wall with Tormund and the Free Folk. The apparition was likewise with him, which was one of the better pieces of the last scene. So now what? What occurs straightaway? George R.R. Martin surely isn’t in any rush to recount to his side of the story, so Kristofer Hivju should accomplish for the present. Hivju had this to state about what Tormund and Snow are up to nowadays. 

Game of Thrones Star Teases Fate after the Finale of Jon Snow & Tormound

Slaughtering your auntie, sweetheart, and sovereign would most likely decimate one’s head, so it’s justifiable that Jon Snow may be feeling all around discouraged. Tormund, in any event, will supply some additional glow and funniness for Snow, despite the fact that he’s most likely down as well. Whatever the case might be, it’s pleasant to realize that they have each other in their period of scarcity. Kristofer Hivju is splendidly fine with the manner in which things turned out for Tormund. He clarifies. 

What’s more, Jon Snow will more than probably never observe his family again, which implies that Tormund and Ghost are actually all he has. George R.R. Martin should get a pen and scrawl some more notes on a napkin for another show thought to highlight Tormund, Jon Snow, and Ghost. Or if nothing else composes a short tale about where they all wound up after we last observed them. Martin sort of owes Game of Thrones fans in any event that a lot after the entirety of the reactions in the course of the last scarcely any seasons without his story.


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