Galaxy A70 To be Launched in US via Verizon first: Full specs and Product Details

While Samsung plans for the Galaxy A series mapped out beyond 2020, the company hasn’t been very quick bringing the 2019 Galaxy A smartphones to the US.

That’s not surprising as the mid-range Galaxy A lineup stayed away from North American shores till last year. This year, Samsung brought a handful of A-series phones to consumers in the US and even Canada. Now, it looks like the Galaxy A70 could soon be sold stateside also.

The FCC certified the US variant of the Galaxy A70 earlier this month, which sports model number as SM-A705U.

We can confirm that the device is in development for Verizon, but it’s highly likely that other carriers are going to offer it to their customers at some point in the future. It may as well land in Canada, although a release date or time is hard to pinpoint for either market.

Galaxy A70 To be Launched in US via Verizon first: Full specs and Product Details
Galaxy A70 To be Launched in the US via Verizon first: Full specs and Product Details

The A70 will join the previous models, Galaxy A6, Galaxy A10e, Galaxy A20, and Galaxy A50 on the list of Galaxy A smartphones that are currently available in the US.

The phone has a plethora of attractive features, most impressive of which is a 4,500 mAh battery that also supports 25W super-fast charging just like the Galaxy Note 10 and Note 10+.

However, it’s unfortunate that Samsung isn’t directly launching the Galaxy A70s in the US. The A70s is the same phone as the A70, but it upgrades the 32MP rear camera on to a 64MP camera.

Megapixels aren’t everything, but even without the camera upgrade, it makes sense for Samsung to launch the Galaxy A70 in the US a couple of months after a slightly better variant is available in other markets.

Then again, maybe we should be grateful that Samsung is bringing some of its Galaxy A series to the country instead of keeping it exclusive to the rest of the world as it has done in years past.

Hopefully, from next year, consumers in the US will also start getting these devices at the same time as everyone else, especially considering how good Samsung’s mid-range offerings have become in recent times.

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