Fire Emblem Update 1.1.0 Brings New Appearance Changes, and More


Nintendo has announced and detailed the latest update for their exclusive title, Fire Emblem: Three Houses. The newest update titled, 1.1.0, has brought plenty of new fixes, additions, and more to the critically acclaimed title.

Some of the biggest ones are new appearances, new recruit-able characters, and activities for players to partake in. Thankfully, Nintendo elaborated the complete patch notes for update one.1.0 for Three Houses.

If you haven’t picked up Fire Emblem: Three Houses yet, but want to learn more about the game, may I suggest checking out our very own Before You Buy the video on the game.
This series is Gameranx’s very own, Jake Baldino, gives you his opinions about the latest released titles and if you need help deciding whether you should pick it up or not, his can possibly assist you to decide.

Fire Emblem Update 1.1.0 Brings New Appearance Changes and More


As of the top of Oct, Fire Emblem: Three Houses has sold over 2.29 million copies and is on track to becoming the best-selling in the franchise. There’s a replacement accolades trailer that tells you why it’s a must-play game (besides tea parties of course).

And the GB clearly agree because it reached the highest of the charts for the second straight week. In a recent interview from Famitsu, it had been unconcealed that the bulk of fireside Emblem: 3 Houses‘ development team came from Koei Tecmo.

Nintendo free new trailers and an attractive piece of official design to celebrate the launch. The game conjointly has associate growth Pass and Amiibo and on-line options. The game can receive a free update soon which can add Lunatic Mode.

And for a touch fun, check out this hack that lets you host a Tea Party with Death Knight, Sothis, Jeralt, or even yourself. Unfortunately, Rhea wasn’t able to be enclosed, despite the hacker’s best efforts.


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