Final Fantasy VII Remake’s Tifa Voice Actor Recieved Threats- Here what happened

This is the worst way to try and get it.

Japanese voice actress Ayumi Ito has received multiple death threats behind Tifa Lockhart in the Final Fantasy VII remake shared by Kotaku. During this past summer, separate threats were made by an unnamed man and woman, however, the two have no relationship with each other. The news was originally reported by Japanese news site The Sekai News.

Back in June, the woman emailed Ito’s talent agency, saying “I hate her so much I want to kill her. I’m going to stab her in the back of my hand with all my might.” Allegedly the threat was about the presence of the voice actresses, who showed up in the play’s preview, which led to her absence in the incident. The company had sent a message threatening the life of Eto’o, that had reduced her part.

While nothing has been confirmed, another Japanese site called Saspo helps the company produce and sell Final Fantasy. Ito has since filed charges against both parties. So far, there is no explanation as to why the two criminals dislike Ito so that it can threaten his life.

Final Fantasy VII Remake’s Tifa Voice Actor Recieved Threats- Here what happened

Aiyumi Ito has been known to include characters from the iconic series several times in Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children, Kingdom Hearts II, and the Final Fantasy Decidia Series.

The Final Fantasy VII remake is set to release exclusively on PlayStation 4 on March 3, 2020. You can book the game on Amazon.

In 2005 Kingdom Hearts II, Ayumi Ito first voiced Tiffa Lockhart and has remained the character’s Japanese voice ever since. Naturally, she will return for next year’s Final Fantasy VII remake, but sadly she has recently received threats of violence.

Sankei News reported that earlier that summer, a woman in her 20s allegedly sent threats to Ito’s talent agency website, writing, “I hate her [Ito] so I want to kill her” and “I’m gonna stab her” with all my strength on the back of her hand. The threat was allegedly about Ito’s involvement in showing previews for a live-action drama. In addition to TIFA, Ito works in feature films and TV shows.

That same month, a man in his 30s sent threats to a game company, reportedly writing that he wanted the character to be voiced for a recurrence. Sankei News does not disclose the name of the threatening company; Sanspo, however, lists the company as the creator of the Final Fantasy series. The man also allegedly wrote, “[He] wants to stab me in the eye and kill me with a knife.”

According to Kyodo News, the man and woman were not familiar. Charges have been filed in both cases.

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