Facebook Messenger Revealed New privacy, safety and security hub


Facebook Messenger added a new section for privacy to its website this week to give the users one place to find information on the messaging application’s privacy, safety and also security features.

According to Facebook, the new Privacy and Safety Hub shows users more about their privacy settings, including Secret Conversations, which can be used for end-to-end encrypted messaging.

Additionally, the site highlights how tools like blocking and reporting can help users stop unwanted interactions and report issues, such as someone impersonating another person.

The site provides tips on how to protect an account from potential hackers more generally as well as the steps that Facebook takes to keep Messenger safe and secure. For greater detail, the site offers white-papers to people with technical backgrounds or interests so they can read about how these safety features work.

Facebook Messenger Revealed New privacy, safety and security hub

Instructions will also be provided for blocking and reporting other users, in order to help prevent unwanted interactions or people impersonating someone like a friend or even a celebrity.

Details are also included on how users could protect their accounts from potential hackers through features such as login alerts and safer browsing to avoid malware.

Facebook also describes some of their behind-the-scenes steps it takes, like removing fake accounts, using artificial intelligence to identify harmful links and images and even reducing the spread of misinformation.

For those with more interest in technology, white papers are made available about the social network’s approach to privacy and security.

Jay Sullivan who is the director of product management for Messenger privacy and integrity, wrote in a blog post, “We believe it’s critical to have spaces for private conversations where you have the freedom to be yourself and share with loved ones. Today, we’re launching a new section of our website, www.messenger.com/privacy, to provide one place for you to learn more about the privacy, safety and security features on Messenger.”


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