eyes on weed

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From the first moment I saw this ad, I knew I had to post it. The idea of weed is in and of itself a powerful statement.

It’s so powerful because weed is illegal. And it’s illegal because it’s also, well, not legal.

It’s all about the use of weed and how it makes people feel.

So what exactly is the reason that weed is so powerful? It’s a plant that when consumed is illegal to buy but legal to possess. It’s a plant that doesn’t contain any psychoactive components, and that’s exactly what it is. It’s a plant full of anti-anxiety and anti-depressant properties. It stimulates the brain, helping the user focus and improve performance. It also helps people relax. Like alcohol.

Like I said, it’s a plant. The plant that helps people relax and focus is a plant that has no psychoactive components. When you consume weed you’re actually consuming the plant itself, and the plant is what makes you feel relaxed and focused.

So, to be clear, this is a plant? Thats not like a piece of string or a piece of fruit. This has no psychoactives. Its just a plant.

If you’re taking an active mind and working with these four-dimensional creatures, you may be experiencing the same symptoms. And so you can’t really make sense of it.

It’s a plant. You could say youre “taken” with it. But what are you taking when you eat it? The answer to that is quite a bit, so you better look up the “eye on weed” (or “eyeo weed”) and learn some shit.

It’s a herb. And like a number of drugs, it can cause a strong and wide variety of effects: moodiness, lethargy, paranoia, nausea, and other, often unpleasant side effects. (Also, its probably illegal.) Some of the effects are fairly harmless, but others can cause severe paranoia, and those are pretty bad. I’m hoping that eyes on weed will give us a better idea of what it feels like.

Eyes on weed is an herb, which is what we call marijuana on weed in the state where we live. It’s a narcotic drug that is used for the same reasons as marijuana. It’s a depressant, and its effect is similar to alcohol. However, unlike alcohol, weed is illegal in many states, and those who are aware that they are taking weed can be prosecuted. The effects are similar to those of alcohol, but also more euphoric.


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