The name exhaustivo translates literally to “exhaustively”, and can also be read similarly as “exhilarated”, which is a word that is often used to describe when you’re feeling stressed out. This is also a very common expression used by those who are not used to speaking English or the way the language is used in the US.

Exhaustive is often used as a synonym for “tired,” but I think there’s a bit of a difference. When you are very tired, it can be easy to forget to breathe. An exhausted mind is also more vulnerable. You’ll find yourself thinking more and more, and more and more about your problems, and less and less about your solutions.

In a similar vein, exhaustion comes with a very specific set of symptoms, and exhaustivo is a way of saying “all too much”. So, as you start to feel exhausted, you can forget to breathe. So, I guess you could say that the reason that exhaustivo is so common is because exhaustion is such a common problem for English speakers.

Yes, it is true that English speakers have a lot of different words for the same thing, but I can’t help but think that exhausted is the most common, and I wouldn’t want a German speaker to have a hard time explaining exhaustivo if they were just starting to learn. In fact, “exhaustivo” is a common word in Spanish that means “exhausted.

If you start working on your homework and work on your online writing, you’ll really feel like you’re doing something to improve your writing skills.

My Spanish is pretty good so I should be able to explain exhaustivo, but I’m not really sure what you’re trying to say here.

When I first started studying English at university my professor said that I should read exhaustivo in class because it is a common word. To me it sounded like a typo, but then I saw exhaustivo being spelled exhaustive.

The spelling is incorrect because it is a common word, which is why I told you to go and study exhaustivo in class. The word exhaustivo was originally a German term, meaning to exhaust the body.

I believe you. I think you may have said exhaustivo to make it sound less like a typo. I think the word exhaustivo is a common one, because it is derived from the word exhaust in english, a common word.

To me, exhaustivo is a common word. In fact, it is a very common word. The Oxford English Dictionary gives it as the fourth definition of the word exhaust, which is a common word.


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