Exclusive : The American Horror Story added some horrific layers- what’s that?

Mr. Jingles is quickly becoming American Horror Story’s most tragic character, and that means he’s clearing a pretty high bar.

His post World War II backstory (with the not at all subtle reminder that even before Ryan Murphy and company splattered that quaint ‘40s tableau with blood, America after the war was already sitting in the shadow death) was one of the more horrifying moments of the season, because it was so ordinary and plausible, yet so bloody.

I mean, the motorboat definitely shouldn’t have been in the lake where all the lightly supervised kids were, but that’s probably exactly where it would be in real life too.

Exclusive : The American Horror Story added some horrific layers- what's that?
Exclusive: The American Horror Story added some horrific layers- what’s that?

Gory scenes up ahead 

The boat motor was most likely brought in because drowning doesn’t provide that cinematic cloud of blood poor Bobby produced, but because his grizzly end was just left of a complete tragic summer camp cliche his mother’s need to blame everyone else seem particularly unhinged.

While it’s never ok to put the burden of a child’s death on a teenage lifeguard or your prepubescent son if Bobby had drowned because no one had been watching him, at least the blame game, however twisted, would have been rooted in truth.

But even if he had people watching him like a hawk, that motor seemed to rip him apart almost instantly.

Ask at your own risk

Rabe’s ghostly mother roaming the woods for decades, her rage powerful enough to keep generations of late-counselors trapped at the camp is an intriguing twist that works, for the most part.

While it makes sense that little Bobby’s spirit isn’t hanging around, where are the 1940s counselors that Lavinia slaughtered? And while moral ambiguity and the question of who is truly innocent and who is guilty when corruptible forces are in the mix is a key question present in every season of AHS, knowing exactly how much sway ghost-mom had over Margaret’s self-conscious would have been nice.

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