EXCLUSIVE: Lady Gaga Tweets in Sanskrit , making fans into a frenzy

Popstar Lady Gaga, who is recovering from a nasty fall she has suffered during a concert in Las Vegas, surprised her Indian fans when she tweeted a Sanskrit mantra.

Lady Gaga Sanskrit tweet has made Indian fans into a frenzy mode. Though she always makes her fans go crazy for some of the other speeches, this time its specifically for Indians.

Lady Gaga’s recent tweet on Sanskrit shloka has got a huge attraction from Indian fans. The tweet has got over 130,000 likes and 33,000 retweets till now.

EXCLUSIVE: Lady Gaga Tweets in Sanskrit , making fans into a frenzy
EXCLUSIVE: Lady Gaga Tweets in Sanskrit, making fans into a frenzy

She Tweeted: Lokah Samastah Sukhino Bhavantu.

And in case you are not as good as Lady Gaga in Sanskrit, let us explain to you what the Shloka means, May all beings everywhere be free and happy. May the words, actions, and thoughts of my own life contribute in some way to that happiness and to that freedom for all.

Lady Gaga’s tweet has left Twitter clueless, like how she knows Sanskrit? Or is it something to do with her next album?

Only time will tell what is the reason behind her tweet until then let’s enjoy the Sanskriti

Back in 2011, the singer had performed in the F1 after-party in Greater Noida. In an interview, she expressed how she sought inspiration from Indian women.

Her perception of Indian Women:

She said that I am very inspired by Indian women. Their eyes, in particular, are so beautiful. I have really never seen such beautiful eyebrows.

I am an Italian woman and I would really love thick, beautiful eyebrows. I love how Indian women take care of themselves, she said.

Earlier this year, Lady Gag had a split from her ex-fiance, Christian Carino. Soon after, Gaga and her co-star Bradley Cooper were linked for their so good chemistry at the Oscars for the ‘Shallow’ performance.

Love to see her love for Sanskrit. Now, would love to see my love for Sanskrit, soon! Thanks, Gaga for the motivation.

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