EXCLUSIVE: Filmax Acquires International on The Curse of the Handsome Man


Barcelona-based boutique studio Filmax has acquired international rights to Argentine producer and director Beda Docampo’s The Curse of the Handsome Man, produced by Ibón Cormenzana’s ArcadiaMotion Pictures alongside Cados Producciones and Damned Besso, based in Spain, in co-production with Cecilia Díez’s Zarlek Producciones in Argentina.

We’re here to tell you everything you need to know about this exciting new upcoming production. Star-studded cast Backed by Spanish public broadcaster TVE and national agencies ICAA, the film marks a new partnership between Filmax and Arcadia who teamed on Mateo Gil’s Lazarus Project and Kilian Jornet:
Path to Everest. A scam-driven romantic comedy, its cast includes Gonzalo de Castro, Juan Grandinetti,
Malena Alterio, Cayetana Guillén and Cuervoand Ginés García Millán from the TV series,

Filmax Acquires International on The Curse of the Handsome Man

Sneak peek into what’s to come
As spoken by the head of international sales at Filmax Ivan Díaz, this con-man romantic comedy is not only
funny, its elegance is reminiscent of a Woody Allen film. The story follows Humberto, a lifelong scam-
artist and seducer, now living a quiet life in Madrid after having served time in prison for a scam that
costs him his relationship with his son Jorge. After suffering a robbery in the jewelry where he works,
Jorge, an honest, hardworking man, finds himself with no other choice than to ask his estranged father for
Get ready to break out laughing
Assured to keep you laughing and second-guessing from start to finish, The Curse of the Handsome Man
is expected to be an elegant comedy tackling various themes, such as selfishness, pride, the corruptive
power of easy money and honesty is the backbone of a father-son relationship. Currently in post, The
Curse of the Handsome Man will also be distributed in Spain by Filmax.


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