Elva Hsiao admits that She’s has dated over 100 guys!

Taiwan Singer Elva Hsiao has a huge male company. There is a shortage of men around her. You will not belive it, but yes, she admitted that she has dated over 100 men. In a Chinese Comedy Show Roast, she got appeared saying, she does not have any problem with what people think about her. She does

not mind, what people say about her love life. She is just free and wants to enjoy her life with her own terms. She claimed for, she is not one of them, who stay at home and get bored by not doing anything.

When the topic started off having 17 boyfriends in the last 16 years. She just dismissed the talk at the very same time. She said that there is nothing like that. It is just that, she just gets photographed, when she is out of date at any movie or dinner.
Hsiao is 40, and she is romantically linked with younger men. Even, she dated Taiwanese actor, kai ko 28, Singapore Businessman Elroy Cheo, 34, and Taiwanese Professional Golfer Michael Chen, 27.

Elva Hsiao Admits That She’s Had Dated Over 100 Guys
Elva Hsiao Admits That She’s Had Dated Over 100 Guys

In August, last year, there is a controversy raise on Hsiao, who posted pictures of her with the top-notch actor, Justin Huang, 24.
The news from Media reported that both they met when he moved from Vancouver to Taiwan when he pursued a showbiz career.

Hsiao told the journalist that, she offers help to navigate her during the difficult passage of her life. Her career starts decreasing its value when he slipped into the bathroom and got some internal injuries. At that period, when she was upset, he looks after her.
Even, one more news came out from her that, she is going to release a new album, called Naked Truth in the middle of the year.

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