drug addict in spanish


A drug addict is someone who is addicted to drugs, alcohol, or other psychoactive substances. A drug addict seeks out and consumes these substances in order to provide the necessary high. A more common term for drug addicts is drug addict.

That’s basically the definition of a drug addict. The problem isn’t that he wants to be a drug addict, but that he got addicted to something bad. He’s in recovery, but he has no idea what he’s going through. He’s going to be someone who has to deal with bad things in their life, and the only way he can deal with this is by becoming a drug addict.

There are two kinds of drug addicts, those that want to abuse drugs so they can feel good and those that use drugs to alleviate their pain. For some people, the relief of feeling good is worth the pain. For others, the pain isn’t worth the relief. For me, the pain was worth the relief of feeling good. It took me awhile to understand the difference.

I am not going to lie and say that im not a drug addict. Ive been using drugs since I was a little kid (and a lot longer than that, in fact), but most of the time I would like to go back to being sober. It would be nice though, if I could just get out of my drug habit.

Im a drug addict, but thats not what this is about. Im also a huge fan of drugs and am very aware of how they can make you feel better, however, I dont think that using them is the best way to go about a problem. I dont think that it makes you a better person, that is why i dont think that you should attempt to stop them and then look into using them.

The problem is that when we can’t stop our addictive habits, we don’t have a lot of control over them. This is why I encourage all who want to stop doing the bad thing to join the community of people who are trying to do so. By talking about them and doing the right thing, you can help to set the wrong example that you can’t easily escape.

The problem is no longer the drug in the first place. The problem is that you are addicted to it. If you cant stop, then you are already on the way to going to jail.

If you want to stop doing something that you know is wrong, then you should consider making yourself a part of a community that is there to help you. There are many communities now that are dedicated to helping addicts and other people addicted to drug-like substances. You can also check out the AA website at AA.org.

The AA website says, “The number one goal of AA is to make the addict a better person.” This is what the AA website is for. As long as you are sober, you should be able to participate in the AA community. But, if you are addicted to alcohol or drugs, then you should take up AA’s mission to help you understand how to quit. The AA website does a great job explaining the entire process.

As we all know, addiction is a very serious thing, and for a lot of people, it can be very difficult to get off. It can be difficult to stop ingesting drugs or alcohol. This is because there are so many factors that contribute to the addict’s addiction, and there is no one single way to get off of drugs or alcohol.


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