Dragon Age 4′ gets a New Release date for window from EA

During EA’s Q2 2020 year financial statement decision, chief operating and financial officer Blake Jorgensen said Dragon Age 4 will probably release after the studio’s fiscal year of 2022.

This means that April 2022 is currently the earliest release date window for BioWare’s next entry in the Dragon Age franchise.

Throughout the call BioWare was rarely mentioned, but after a question was posed about the rumored Dragon Age game and the studios plans post Anthem, Jorgensen said “you should assume that there’s a Dragon Age game out there and we’ve talked regarding it publically that it’s within the works, and it most likely comes when commercial enterprise 2022”.

Dragon Age 4' gets a New Release date for window from EA
Dragon Age 4′ gets a New Release date for window from EA

That’s quite a wait. At least we are able to take comfort in knowing it’s still within the works, right? As a conservative Dragon Age fan myself, I’ve been eagerly anticipating returning to one of my favorite franchises ever since the Dread Wolf Rises teaser trailer dropped at the Game Awards in 2018.

The last whiff of the news we tend to got concerning Dragon Age four before the earnings decision came within the form of a BioWare weblog post in September.

The studio’s game director Casey Hudson teased us with the words that “indeed the Dread Wolf rises.”

Given however Inquisition complete, we’ve always assumed we’d get another adventure in the world of Thedas.

Rumors circulated shortly once the discharge of Inquisition that the studio was already trying ahead to the consequent game within the series, however, because the years slipped, it seemed less certain.

The rumors which telling that it could have live service elements but still retain its story-driven roots, I continue to hope with all of my heart it stays true to what made the series so great. Maybe, the release date would seem like far off at the moment, but the optimist in me is just glad to see it’s still happening at all.

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