Dr. Mario World’s Update Adds New Two Members: Here’s the Detail

Dr. Mario World’s latest update is ready to feature new doctors, assistants, and stages. While precise details are currently a little scarce, it looks like we’ll only have to wait until tomorrow for the update to start rolling out.

In order to lay the groundwork for the update, some maintenance will take place at some point today and maybe into tomorrow.

To say I wasn’t a big fan of this one would be an understatement. That said, I’ve heard it’s improved considerably since launch, at least from a technical perspective, so I might nip back in to see what this update’s all about.

While there hasn’t been any actual confirmation of a price by Nintendo, it would appear that Dr. Mario World is going to be unengaged to transfer at launch.

Dr. Mario World’s Update Adds New Two Members: Here's the Detail
Dr. Mario World’s Update Adds New Two Members: Here’s the Detail

Nintendo’s other mobile launches, like Pokemon Go and Fire Emblem Heroes, never charged for downloads, so it’s hard to imagine the company starting to charge for downloads with Dr. Mario World.

Right now, you can pre-register for access to Dr. Mario World. While you won’t receive early access to the game through this pre-registration system, you can head over to the official Dr. Mario World website and fill in your details, to be notified when the game is available to be downloaded.

Dr. Mario World has been developed by Nintendo completely for smartphones. It follows in the footsteps of Pokemon Go and Fire Emblem Heroes, spinning classic Nintendo franchises off for a mobile audience.

As such, Dr. Mario World is going to be cathartic for iOS and automaton devices. We can only assume that the game will launch on both platforms at the same time, but we’ll update this section should we hear otherwise.

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If you’re nevertheless to check your virus-crushing skills, you’ll find Dr. Mario World on the market for transfer currently over on each the App Store and Google Play.

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