Dead To Me Season 2 On Netflix? But When? Here’s Everything We Know About The Release Date

The first season of the American black comedy series was released on May 3, 2019, on Netflix. It received quite a number of positive reviews. On June 3, Netflix renewed the series for the second season.

Dead to me revolves around the strong bond that forms between Jen, a recent widower and Judy, recovering from the death of her fiancé. A secret unfolds later on that Judy was somehow linked to Jen’s husband’s death.

Jen’s husband dies in a hit and runs an accident while Judy’s fiancé died of a heart attack.

Dead To Me Season 2 On Netflix? But When? Here's Everything We Know About The Release Date
Dead To Me Season 2 On Netflix? But When? Here’s Everything We Know About The Release Date

The season one of the dead to me consisted of ten episodes that were well received by the audience and in fact, appreciated. Reluctantly, Fieldsman wishes to continue the series for another season.

When is season two returning?

No specific date or schedule has been decided for season two of the black comedy series, but if we go by the observations then we could have the next set of episodes in the following year. If the shoot begins a little later, it is likely that Netflix could drop another season around spring next year. However, all of it depends on the time shooting takes.

Christina and Linda, both will be reprising their roles as Jen and Judy respectively. Other recurring cast includes Max, Luke, Sam, Ed, and Brandon.

Sadly, James Mars den won’t be returning as his character Steve was found dead in the last season.

What will we get to witness next?

Season one ended with a dramatic cliffhanger which made us suspect our main character as the killer of Steve. However, Fieldsman has subtly revealed that the truth is different from what appears to us.

Season two could probably revolve around Steve’s death and finding the real killer. It could lead to some new developments between Jen and Judy. We still have to wait to get our answers in season two though it won’t be returning for a while.


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