“Chicago Fire” Season 8- Episode 7 Review: when will The next Episode coming?


O’ Severide! Our home and native hero. A true patriot loves in all his commands. He may not want to be joining OFI, but Chicago Fire Season 8 Episode 7 firmly cemented the lieutenant’s fate, for the time being, as he has been temporarily detailed to the unit.

Viewers included saw this job change coming from miles away, but it didn’t exactly go down as expected. I thought he might have at least considered the offer for an episode or two, getting torn between his love for firefighting and his desire to do some good or potentially reap in any offered perks, such as a salary raise and promotion, before deciding to stay at 51.

What was surprising was, that Severide had very little choice in the matter, as viewers’ least favorite commissioner made a surprise return and ordered Severide to help clear OFI’s backlog. When it was clear that Grissom was the one behind Severide’s transfer, I thought for sure it was due to some sort of retaliation for the events of Chicago Fire Season 7.

Chicago Fire – Season 8
“Chicago Fire” Season 8- Episode 7 Review: when will The next Episode coming?

Even though Severide and his former mentor seemed to have made up, it wouldn’t have been out of character for Grissom to overstep his authority and punish his former protegee for the past.

However, Grissom’s reasoning for transferring Severide to OFI, at least temporarily, surprisingly didn’t come with any ulterior motives. As commissioner for the entire CFD, Grissom is tasked with overseeing the department in its entirety and doing what’s best for everyone.

It has been established again and again in the time, Severide has a unique set of skills and is wholly qualified to determine if the cause of a fire is arson.

He’s made so many incredible saves, and just like his late father, he has a knack for putting the puzzle pieces together.
Grissom was even nice enough to let Severide return to 51, which he will when the backlog is cleared.

Severide may not be happy about the transfer but it is moving forward. All he can do now is keep his head about water and try not to make too much trouble. There’s no way to know how Casey and Brett will react to seeing her, but it will throw a wrench in their impending romance.


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