Charmed’ Season 2 Episode 6: Will Harry’s Darklighter and Whitelighter halves merge later this season?

The ‘Charmed’ reboot has done an interesting job exploring the lore behind the Whitelighters and thus introduced the Darklighters. In this season, we came to know that when a vatellier is made, their black bars are removed and they are trapped in prison so that they are not given a corporate appearance.

However, someone freed Harry’s Darklighter and is now controlling him.

In this week’s episode, we see what happens to Massey when he was run over by Darklighter. At first, he tries to pretend to be whittler Harry, but Macy soon figures something out. Unfortunately, the place they were in to prevent Massey from escaping is completely gutted.

We also get to see a human side to Dark Harry, and although he may be all the bad parts of Harry, he is also bold and charming as Macy tells his whitelitter when he asks her where Dark Harry is at the end of the episode. How was it After saving Macy, Whitelighter Harry goes back to finish his dark half – and he does so. However, as Whitelier cannot be killed, it is the same for Darklighter – only, Whitelier Harry does not realize it.

Charmed’ Season 2 Episode 6: Will Harry’s Darklighter and Whitelighter halves merge later this season?

Harry seems conflicted about killing his dark half – knows to face his dark half being imprisoned, but also knows that without his dark half, he cannot be perfect.

It makes us wonder if in season one and below, the two halves can be merged to form one Harry. It seems untenable that the two halves remain in each other’s embrace, independently.

If they merge, what does this mean for Harry? Will he return to being James Westfall as he was in his human life or will he continue as Harry? Also, Harry being devoid of his dark half is who he is, and if they merge, Harry’s relationship with the Charmed Forest may be affected.

‘Chartered’ aired on The CW on Friday night.

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