Capitol Confidential: COVID-19 suspends legislative sessions across the United States

Coronavirus distance and shelter orders halt most legislative actions

Last week, state-issued social exclusion and shelter-place orders effectively ended the 2020 legislative session in several state capitals. The state legislatures that meet regularly focus their attention on the ongoing operation of important state functions and the COVID-19 response-related bills.

The leaf will continue to cover national and state developments in cannabis politics, but most cannabis-related bills have been halted due to the Coronavirus health crisis. With regular news coverage of major political events, the weekly cadence of the Capitol Secret is moving to the monthly schedule.

The New York Budget, April 1, may not be legalized

This year’s push to legalize cannabis in New York has gone from chaotic to chaotic.

While Gov. Andrew Cuomo renewed his call for the legalization of cannabis in state budget law, critics last week urged him to focus on speeding up the less controversial budget to alleviate the low COVID-19 epidemic. 

Capitol Confidential: COVID-19 suspends legislative sessions across the United States
Capitol Confidential: COVID-19

Uncertain, lawmakers released a revised bill to legalize last week, which could be included in the state budget, though many supporters still suspect it.

California cannabis tax abatement lawyers want to collect online signature

Advocates of a proposed ballot measure to reduce cannabis taxes have asked state officials to let them take their signature bid online during a coronavirus social-distancing effort that became a statewide shelter last week.

The proposed initiative would reduce taxes on medical and adult cannabis in California and would require 50% tax revenue to support and support the development of the industry.

However, in the moment of marijuana, Kyle Jaeger writes, “This particular campaign has not been taken very seriously by the broader reform community, which has raised doubts that its signature-gathering movement will be successful regardless of the current health crisis.” Anyway, there’s a reason to sort of care: The effort is backed by filmmaker Kevin Smith and Jay and Silent Pop fame actor Jason Mewes. Snoopy Insects.

Quick win, state-wise

Colorado: There isn’t a ton of exciting cannabis legislation in the pipeline this year – unless you count industrial access to “preventative crop loss measures” – but legislators last week flew this legislative session.

Find out how to proceed during a coronavirus emergency. It is expected that most of the work in the immediate future will focus on COVID-19 related activities and its wider impacts.

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