Cannabis Industry Gaining Huge From The Corona Virus Quarantine

The cannabis market in the US saw a seeming change in its demand when on Monday, Americans lined up in front of the stores to score before going into quarantine.

The times in America are changing as the Govt. is taking every step to curb the spread of the Covid-19. While people are being forced to go into quarantine, cannabis consumers could not risk being locked down without their share of marijuana. 

Monday will be remembered in the history of legal Cannabis in the US. With a record number of people buying cannabis from the legal market, it is truly one of the biggest days for the market. Data from Weedmaps and Headsets confirmed the bumper sales on Monday. 

Cannabis Industry Gaining Huge From The Corona Virus Quarantine
Cannabis Industry Gaining Huge From The Corona Virus Quarantine

Travis Rexroad, the director of Weedmaps Communication, revealed that the sales of legal Cannabis were bumpy from the 13th-15th. But Monday was madness redefined. While the sale of legal Cannabis increased by 40% on Sunday, the numbers on Monday reached a whopping high of 251%.

Headset confirms that although prerolls are the most popular product in the Cannabis market on “420”, April 20th; on Monday, it saw a minimum of 19% growth.

Headset thinks the reason behind the low numbers is because that prerolls need to be touched to the face. While marijuana edibles saw a growth of 107% on Monday, on “420”, the growth in the sale of edibles is noted to be 120%. The numbers were very close. 

However, cannabis companies who deliver to home are witnessing an all-time high in their sales growth chart. Tokr, a Los Angeles based legal Cannabis seller that delivers door to door, has confirmed a 287% hike in the sales growth from the 12th of March.

Tokr also revealed that the average order size has tripled. It can be well understood that Americans are stocking up anticipating quarantine for a long time.

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