Bradley Cooper Is Coming With His Follow Up Project “Leonard Bernstein’s Biopic” On Netflix

Bradley Cooper’s Leonard Bernstein biography hits Netflix

Bradley Cooper made his debut as a director, a major influence on the commercial and significant success of A Star Is, born in 2018, and his follow-up project, a biographical film about American composers of the twentieth century.

Perhaps best known for writing the West Side Story, Leonard Bernstein: As the Deadline reports, Netflix previously released a Paramount movie that was marked as a priority project in May 2018 Got all right.

Bernstein’s untitled project has a very successful pedigree. Cooper will appear and direct the film and will write with Josh Singer. Josh Singer won the Oscar Best Original Screenplay Award for a Spotlight script with Tom McCarthy.

Bradley Cooper Is Coming With His Follow Up Project "Leonard Bernstein's Biopic" On Netflix
Bradley Cooper Is Coming With His Follow Up Project “Leonard Bernstein’s Biopic” On Netflix

Cooper is also one of the many producers of the movie. The same goes for Hollywood legends Martin Scorsese and Steven Spielberg, as well as jogger director Todd Phillips, a partner at Cooper, a joint effort production company.

Producers include Christie McCosco Krieger, Emma Tillinger Koscoff (who worked for Irishman and Joker), as well as Fred Burner and Amy Darning duo. 

Adds Bradley Cooper to the list of male writers Ted Sarandos has added to the Netflix list. As Deadline and other Hollywood exchanges reported, Cooper’s next biography about composer Leonard Bernstein flew from Paramount to Netflix.

At the beginning of next year, the untitled movie will receive a theater boost from Netflix before reaching the broadcast platform. Bradley’s directorial debut is fantastic and quickly established himself as a serious filmmaker, said Netflix director Scott Staber in a statement to Deadline.

His vast passion along with a clear vision of bringing life to the connection between the well-known composer Leonard Bernstein and his wife, Felicia Monte Alegre, has brought justice to their lives so that only this famous film crew can do it To share the family history with people around the world.

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