Billie Eilish: At The Age Of 18 In The James Bond Flick ‘No Time To Die’

Billie Eilish: At The Age Of 18 In The James Bond Flick 'No Time To Die'
Billie Eilish: At The Age Of 18 In The James Bond Flick 'No Time To Die'

The cat is out of the bag: Pop superstar Billie Eilish presented her James Bond theme song after a long lead on Friday morning. The Grammy winner follows the tradition of great film melodies but shows enough of her profile.

A four-minute ballad, a little somber and not too pathetic, with orchestral quotes from the past: This is what a James Bond title song sounds like when the world’s hottest young star in pop music takes care of it – not that much different than before.

At 1:00 p.m. German time, five-time Grammy winner Billie Eilish presented her highly anticipated song for the upcoming Bond film “No Time To Die”.

56 Years After Shirley Bassey

“No Time To Die” is the name of the new Bond song, which Eilish immediately published on the popular streaming services. At just 18, she is the youngest artist to have sung an opening tune for the most famous agent film series – 56 years after the legendary premiere of Shirley Bassey with “Goldfinger”.

Billie Eilish: At The Age Of 18 In The James Bond Flick 'No Time To Die'
Billie Eilish: At The Age Of 18 In The James Bond Flick ‘No Time To Die’

The German film composer Hans Zimmer and the former guitarist of the British band The Smiths, Johnny Marr, also participated in “No Time To Die”.

Their contributions cannot be ignored with typical piano, string, and wind arrangements as well as dark guitar sounds in the opulent production. For the distinguished Billie Eilish’s brother, Finneas has also written with his sister for “No Time To Die”. He recently won five Grammys as her producer and co-author.

Live Premiere At The Brit Awards

According to information from the British newspaper “Daily Mail”, Eilish will sing the song live at the Brit Awards on February 18 for the first time.

The American was nominated for the best international solo artist for the award ceremony in London. “No time to die” – the 25th Bond film since 1962 – will be released in cinemas on April 10. Leading actor Daniel Craig has announced that it will be his last assignment as secret agent James Bond “007”.

Eilish is currently the most successful pop singer in the world among critics and audiences. At the Grammy Awards, she won five awards at the end of January, including four in the top categories, such as “Song of the Year” (“Bad Guy”) and “Album of the Year” for the “When We All.” Fall Asleep, Where Do We Go? “.

Despite all these successes in the past year: When Eilish, who just turned 18 in December, posted the news of the Bond song to the world four weeks ago, the surprise was great.

She was well aware of the honor of contributing to one of the most influential brands in film history at such a young age: “It feels completely crazy to be part of this,” wrote the artist, who still lives with her parents in California.

A Worthy Successor To The Great Bond Songs

How does Billie Eilish’s “No Time To Die” now join the list of Bond songs? First impression: The song can be heard – even if you compare it with classics such as Bassey’s “Goldfinger” and “Moonraker”, “Live And Let Die” by Paul McCartney & Wings or “License To Kill” by Gladys Knight.

Eilish doesn’t overdo the bombast but effortlessly shows how great her talent as a singer is. The production makes use of earlier Bond melodies but is still close enough to its reduced, modern sound, which was so enthusiastic in 2019.

Eilish did not do her thing as consistently as some might have wished – the fresh wind for “007” blows musically rather subtly. The shooting star thus honors the long history of the Bond songs, such as Adele recently with “Skyfall” – and yet you can still hear her style here. Nevertheless: the reactions worldwide are consistently positive.


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