Apple partnership with Salesforce to launch New apps with improve customer experience delivery


One of the most significant announcements made at the event was the new strategic partnership between Salesforce and Apple Inc. During an interview with CNBC Mad Money host Jim Cramer, Salesforce CEO Marc Benioff explained “I have Apple in my veins. I worked at Apple in 1984 as an assembly language programmer.”

In working together Salesforce is looking to strengthen ties by bringing together their CRM platform and iOS to create new mobile apps for businesses. Together they will also be working to develop the first Salesforce mobile software development kit for Apple’s Swift programming language. Tools and resources will be made available to millions of Salesforce developers so they can build their own native apps.

Salesforce and Apple publicized their partnership on the 24th of September 2018. This partnership is aimed at bringing together the iPhone app development services and also the most popular CRM development platform run by Salesforce.

This movement will also enable new mobile apps that will be perfect for business using the iOS mobile operating system which is the worlds most powerful platform.

Apple partnership with Salesforce to launch New apps with improve customer experience delivery

These organizations will offer resources and tools for thousands of Salesforce developers to enable them to use an iOS / Salesforce mobile SDK to develop native apps, and also a web-based free learning platform on iOS app development on Trailhead.

When commerce surfaced, it was only limited to physical, local interactions. But in a very short while, it has evolved and has become a crucial aspect of e-commerce. Even though a lot has changed in this time, the prominence of the customer is one thing that has not changed over time. The deal is that, unless you can persuade the customer to make a purchase, you won’t get very far irrespective of what you’re selling

In whatever way the whole trend is being viewed, one thing that cannot be denied is that buyers are the lifeblood of every establishment. For that reason, your business success is mainly determined by the strength of the relationship you can build with your customers. This is where the whole idea of a CRM comes into play.

What is CRM?

The full meaning of the acronym CRM is customer relationship management. When viewing it on a broader scale, CRM is any technology, strategy, or practice created to assist organizations to achieve a strong relationship with customers.

The business world today often refers to CRM as specific tools, especially a software or web application that allow businesses to concentrate on particular associates and customers whether they are service users, suppliers, buyers or anyone that the establishment is in business with.

When considering the benefit that CRMs offers in sustaining and perfecting buyer relationships, you may assume that the concept has long existed.

CRM development has huge potential as it’s continuously being embraced by many giant companies such as T-Mobile and Schneider Electric. A remarkable breakthrough for the CRM platform is this partnership it has influenced between Apple and Salesforce.


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