Android users should delete these 42 dangerous apps right now

Android users are warned to delete 42 dangerous apps by the researchers of ESET as these apps contain adware and are capable to display adverts. Adverts can be displayed by these apps even when the phone is on switch off mode.

These apps have hidden code in the package name of “” with the suffix of xxx. Researchers of ESET are hoping this to be a legitimate Google service and it can escape from detection however, there are certain sandboxes and various mechanism which can reveal the information from these package names.

After the ESET proclamation in the market, these apps are removed from the Google play store. ESET aims at reporting benign apps and the removal of these malpractices in the field of technology.

Android users should delete these 42 dangerous apps right now
Android users should delete these 42 dangerous apps right now

The 21 of the apps including file downloading apps such as FREE VIDEO DOWNLOADER, FILE DOWNLOADER,  MP4 VIDEO DOWNLOADER, and FREE TOP VIDEO DOWNLOADER are removed.

Moreover, miscellaneous apps such as FLAT MUSIC PLAYER, RINGTONE MAKER , HEROES JUMP, TANK CLASSIC, WATER DRINK REMINDER, SMART NOTES FOR YOU, etc are also been removed.

VPN apps such as HOTSPOT VPN, FREE VPN MASTER, SECURE VPN, and CM SECURITY APPLOCK are also been warned for removal.

Two camera apps that are being warned for are SUN PRO BEAUTY and FUNNY SWEET BEAUTY SELFIE CAMERA.

The VPN apps which are banned are actually had origin from china and known for introducing a lot of fake apps in the market that have high chances of invasion of privacy and other issues rather than just being apps for unwanted adds.

Moreover, these can be downloaded multiple of times even if it is downloaded once, as a result, occupy lots of internal memory or memory in the memory card.

These VPN apps when installed ask for permission for recording and various multidimensional permissions.

As a result, 4.27 lakh people who are android users can have a dangerous situation regarding intellectual property. After seeing this wonder company also reported 17 apps in Apple play store as malicious soon after this news and proclaims it as malicious.

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