Alum Joshua Jackson Sparks Marriage Speculation During Red Carpet Debut With Girlfriend: Here everything to know


Joshua Jackson and Jodi Turner-Smith are officially a duo according to People. At this point, the pair never confirmed or commented on their relationship. This changed with the premiere of Turner-Smith’s new film Queen and Slim on Thursday night.

But their public debut as a couple began with another surprise for fans of Dawson’s creek actor. While both men looked stunning according to PEOPLE, many eyes were caught in the ring in Turner’s-Smith’s left hand.

Jackson and Turner-Smith were first seen together in November 2018 after having lunch together. Dawson’s Creek star was engaged to Inglourious Brad’s actress Diane Krueger for 10 years before splitting in 2016. The two now seem happy, Krueger reunited with The Walking Dead actor Norman Reedus and gave birth to a daughter in November 2018.

Fans of the star were happy for her, with some even calling her new relationship an upgrade.

One fan wrote on Twitter, “I’m glad [Joshua Jackson] left Dion Kruger.

Alum Joshua Jackson Sparks Marriage Speculation During Red Carpet Debut With Girlfriend: Here everything to know

“Congratulations if they are married,” another fan wrote. “Nice to know that Joshua Jackson didn’t get along with the barely legal 18 yo model after Diane Krueger because of what most Hollywood men do after a long-running relationship.”

Others weighed in on the couple’s red carpet chemistry, particularly a moment where Jackson attempts to move out of the way.

Another commenter wrote, “He wanted to let go of his whining and it prompted him to go back in. Look at his hand on his back. He’s there because he wants her.” “Joshua Jackson is a great man. He has good taste in women, as she does like men. They look amazing together.”

“He’s amazing,” one another wrote.

“I love this couple,” added a third.

Whatever the truth about Jackson and Turner-Smith, the couple is definitely on their way to happiness. It will be interesting to know where they go from here.

Dale Arnhard Jr.’s Wife Amy shared pictures of her ‘Tiny Girl’ and fans are eating gush
Fans of Dale Earnhard Jr. and his wife Amy can’t get enough of the couple’s younger daughter, Isla. While the NASCAR star is usually busy with his work covering races for NBC Sports, he always manages time for some quality time with his family. And when he doesn’t leave, Amy is right there to carry the torch.

When it comes to their daughter, Amy can sometimes carry a torch and run away with her, leaving her husband to play catchup. Recently she has dropped a ton of pictures of her “baby girl” and fans are loving every moment.

“Waking up to the sand and the sun feeds my soul so much!” Amy wrote in the caption for the photo. “My little girl feels the same.”

The shots earned a strong smiley face from NASCAR star Jimmy Johnson and received much praise from fans.

“So cute I wish I was there,” one fan wrote.

Another fan wrote, “Love her swimsuit! You can hear her voice walking on the beach.” “Isla just keeps hitting the sand, working to locate that small hole in the fruit. He is curious and as can be determined!”

“The way he is beating that sand on papaya,” added a third. “She is rough, but she is sure she is beautiful! I am very focused on my grandfather.”

Before her late fall beach trip, Amy Arnhard has shared several big firsts with fans on her social media page. Just a week ago he got to see how Isla reacted to seeing the speed of his first motorcycle, with many fans dying over his small outfit.

He also got a chance to witness his first trick-or-treating experience with Dale Jr. by his father.

“The first trick-or-treat and his first tossy roll! His daddy must have eaten a few pieces of candy, which is why he wouldn’t have put it in his bucket the last time,” Arnhart wrote in the caption.


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