All the details of Castlevania season 3: Major spoilers, plot, casts, new characters

We’re going to get Season 3 soon. March 5, 2020, to be precise. The release date was announced along with the lineup of Season 3. So get ready for beacon watchers. This season consists of 10 episodes that take much into account the previous two seasons. But I don’t see anyone complaining.


Who is the cast of Castlevania Season 3?

The cast for next season has not yet been announced. Among the members scheduled to return are Richard Armitage (Trevor), Graham McTavish (Dracula), Alejandra Reynoso (Sifa) and Ade McCormack (Isaac’s voice).

We need to wait for a formal announcement. As soon as a new update is made, I’ll let you know. So stay tuned!


What happens in Season 3 in Castlevania?

In Season 2, Dracula was an antagonist who later lost to Trevor, Sofia, and Alucard, and set aside their differences.

The official synopsis of Season 3 is Trevor Belmont, the last survivor of his household is no longer alone, and he and his unsuitable comrades run to find a way to save humanity from extinction with the hands of sad Dracula and his ominous advice of vampire wars.

At the end of Season 2, Alucard killed Dracula and had a lonely dwelling in his father’s castle. After Sifa casts a spell to destroy the magic of teleportation, it now floats forever on the Belmont Hold.

Trevor and Sifa continue their adventures together elsewhere, but not before they agree to give Alucard access to the Belmont family archives. The exchange of ancient knowledge proves to be an important topic in the series and will continue to move forward even if your adventure group breaks down.

Dracula’s most faithful human servant, the forging master of the devil Isaac, was finally sent to the distant desert for his own safety. While there, he used them to kill a group of perpetrators and create an army of undead. If there is one character who continues to plan to exterminate Dracula’s humanity in Season 3, it is Isaac.

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