All The Boys: Official Sequal, Trailor 2 , PS I Still Love You

Do you know a completely identifiable dilemma where two very attractive boys compete for your love and attention?

If you are Lara Jean Covey (Lana Condor), you do it. The second official trailer of the long-awaited sequel “All the Boys”: PS I still love you, our young protagonist is Peter Kaminsky (Noah Centineo), I loved 2018 years ago I am in the love triangle between To All the Boys and John Ambrose McLaren (Jordan Fisher) who wrote his love.

The letter returned on that day.
The first breakthrough has since gained over 7 million views on YouTube and has focused on the relationship between Rarajan and Peter.

The high school student is officially a boyfriend after falling in love in 2014, pretending to go out for the first romantic comedy based on the same-named Jenny Han novel.

Meanwhile, in the second trailer, John is in the spotlight. He and Larajan met at a young age in Model UN, but are now volunteering (or fate?). In a clip, John confronts Lara Jean about a secret love letter his sister wrote to him.

John says he needs proof that someone in high school likes me.
When two old friends rekindle friendship (and something else), tension is created between John and Peter who face each other in the tension scene of the video.

Who will he choose?
The preview also shows some stars and new faces that appear in the sequel. John Corbett repeats his role as Lara Jean’s father, and Holland Taylor joins the cast as a new and unexpected heroin confidant.

The sequel, inspired by Han’s second book in a trilogy, will premiere on Netflix on Wednesday, February 12. EW previously made an exclusive debut with the first image of the next movie.

In August, the sender also confirmed that a third movie called To All the Boys, Always and Forever, Lara Jean was already in production.

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