A Marijuana Shop at Your Door: Home Delivery Amid the Explosion

A marijuana shop on your door: Home delivery amid the explosion
A marijuana shop on your door: Home delivery amid the explosion

One company rushed to expand its distribution fleet. Another has seen sales triple. The global coronavirus epidemic has driven millions of people out of bars, restaurants, and theaters, but it has also caused some U.S. deaths. An unexpected boost for pot shops.

Marijuana users in the nation’s largest legal beverage shop, California and elsewhere, are on the verge of buying because they are saving for potential isolates or seeking relief in times of tension and government lockdowns.

New York, San Francisco and Palm Springs, California, are some of the cities where pharmacies are labeled “essential” businesses, which are open during virus lock-ups, and in some cases have limitations.

A marijuana shop on your door: Home delivery amid the explosion
A marijuana shop on your door: Home delivery amid the explosion

According to the cannabis data company Headset, sales in Colorado and Washington are on the rise.

In the meantime, pharmacies can quickly accommodate virus-alert customers and increase delivery and pickup options.

In California, online delivery market Ess, Monday’s order volume rose 38%, compared to the yearly average, with overall deliveries seeing a similar improvement. Deliveries to first-time customers rose by more than 50%.

Online Directory has documented a major improvement in delivery and pickup orders, and California has seen a 66% increase in order volume in the second week of March compared to the first week.

In California, many stores are forced to close their doors or limit sales over fears of health, but marijuana stores are considered essential businesses in major markets throughout California, where shelter-place orders are issued, including San Francisco.

Statewide this is changing every day, but while residents often find it difficult to find toilet paper, sandwiches and other staples, much of the legal market seems to be operating. The state’s largest market, Los Angeles, on Thursday issued an order calling cannabis dispensaries “essential operations” because they “provide services that are recognized as vital to the health of the city, even if they are closed to gyms.”

Meanwhile, in New York, health officials announced Tuesday to medical marijuana dispensaries that they are considered essential businesses, while others remain closed. Following the lockdown of California, beginning Sunday, Friday, Gov. Andrew Cuomo locked nearly all residents and non-essential workers into their homes.


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