Details of some best scenes of the web series Legend of Korra

The Legend of Korra emerged as a result of the success of the previous series by Michael Danti Dimartino and Bryan Konietzko, Avatar: The Legend of Aang.

Both share a universe but while Aang’s adventures were intended for a more childish audience, Korra’s adventures are focused on a youth and/or adult audience.

In this world of oriental airs with steampunk touches there are people who have the ability to control any of the four elements (water, earth, fire or air), even some manage to control the metal and lava 

When we meet Korra, she is a restless, arrogant young woman, sure of her power and her destiny as Avatar. She belongs to the Southern Water Tribe and moves to Republic City to learn how to control the air with Master Tenzin (one of my favorite characters).

In each season, the Avatar must face a threat, an enemy that seeks to destroy what she defends and represents. The danger of totalitarianism, tyranny, radicalism, racism are some of the problems that our heroine and her friends will have to face.

In the first season, his opponent is Amón, leader of the egalitarian, a sect that wants to end people who can manipulate the elements and establish equality. Their struggle makes sense but their methods are extremist and violent.

The class struggle, social inequality, terrorism and oppression of the weakest are the key issues of the first season.

Surprising to find a series of animation so ambitious, thematically speaking, and so aware of how fundamental it is to develop their characters because, season by season, Korra will have to face more complex realities that will force her to make very difficult decisions

The evolution of this heroine is one of the best seen. Korra is a credible character with dreams and worries, with virtues and defects. And although the Avatar does not conquer your heart there are several characters that will.

One of the most positive points of the series is that Korra is not the only powerful female character, the series is full of strong women like Lin, Asami, Kuvira. When everyone is praising The Good Wife for Alicia or Diane,\

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