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NME Awards The Weirdest & Wildest Moments

Intro – NME stands for New Musical Express. NME Awards is a yearly music awards show hosted in the United Kingdom; NME awards founded by music magazine. The first awards show was held in the year 1953 and it was called NME Poll Winners Concerts.

The year 2020’s NME awards ceremony approaching fast. Let’s all look at the most iconic, legendary, weirdest and wildest moments from past years.

, NME Awards The Weirdest & Wildest Moments

  • UK Concert– The Beatles play their finals – Beatles is one of the biggest bands in the world. However, one mad thing happened in the year 1966. The band made their last Live performance at NME awards. Disappointing for the viewers.
  • Silent Speech by Black Rebel Motorcycle Club – In the year 2003 BRMC was awarded the title for Best Video. The team members of the band came and collected the award on stage. Things became weird after accepting the trophy Drummer of the Band Nick Jago stood in Silence for seven minutes and nobody stopped him neither know what happened. However, we will never forget this moment.
  • The Libertines get Poetic – The libertines received the Best Band award in the year 2004. Carl Barat and Pete Doherty switching lines from the poem ‘Suicide in the Trenches ‘can never be forgotten and it was uneasy and awkward. 
  • Russell Brand with Bob Geldof – In the year 2006 at NME awards show and Russell Brand starting a fight with Bob Geldof to an indie-rock legend and was sent to hospital twice.
  • Weird Speech by Fat White family – In 2014, The South Londoners received the Philip Hall Radar Award. Lias Saoudi left up to spokesman Patrick Lyons – He compared the band to one of “The wild American Grassland “and said ‘Just save American Music. Lias also looked puzzled hearing this.
  • Foo Fighters Never stop playing – In the year 2011 Dave Grohl received the Most Honorable titles. The Foo Fighters opened into the triumphant set and continued playing for 2 hours included 23 tracks. No complaints from the Audience.
, NME Awards The Weirdest & Wildest Moments
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