Monday, February 24, 2020

The New Arabic Version of “Sesame Stree” has Kicked off With New Muppets

The new Arabic program, especially for children, produced by Delshad who portrays Hadi in “Welcome Sesame”.

This program is for the children’s delivery with displacement in Syria, Iraq, Jordan, and Lebanon.

The premiere will be on February 2, featuring well-loved characters teaching displaced children coping mechanisms.

Specially designed for children between age 3 and age 8, Ahilan Simsim features familiar friends Elmo, Cookie Monster and Grover and two brand new characters Basma & Jad.

Basma and Jad will be followed in each episode and they will explore their world with trusted adults, animated characters and friends including a baby goat named Mazza.

The New Arabic Version of “Sesame Stree” has Kicked off With New Muppets, The New Arabic Version of “Sesame Stree” has Kicked off With New Muppets
The New Arabic Version of “Sesame Street” has Kicked off With New Muppets

 They have also shown in one episode that Basma shares a feeling of anxiety and the group learns breathing exercises to help her try.

The interesting thing is that the program will be broadcast across the region on channel MBC3, which aimed at displaced refugee children in particular.

Additionally, the program will be shown at international Rescue Committee Classrooms and Clinics in targeted locations.

The upcoming premiere season will help a lot of children across the region learn how to identify and manage big feelings.

Skills that form the critical developmental foundation for young children, “especially those who have experienced the trauma of war as well as displacements” said Sherrie Westin, President of Social Impact and Philanthropy at Sesame workshop.

Ahlan Simsim will teach the power of the sesame Muppets, culturally relevant storylines and learning through play, along with the emotional ABCs they need to overcome challenges and thrive.

The Americans viewers would see a lot that they recognize. There’s Elmo, Ernie and Bert- and a Cookie Monster who doesn’t love cookies, but biscuits.

“He loves dates biscuits,” Arafat explains. “Dates are common, so he is into the date biscuits.” The difference between the two shows isn’t what’s important and children are curious. They want love.

They want to learn and see funny things.-she stated. She says “ these are the things that unify children across all countries.”

The New Arabic Version of “Sesame Stree” has Kicked off With New Muppets, The New Arabic Version of “Sesame Stree” has Kicked off With New Muppets
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