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Netflix’s “Ghost Bride,” A Woman Marries A Dead Man After That Things Get Wonderfully Weird

The “Ghost Bride”, a grabbing series made by Kai-Yu Wu, which begins with an old age conflict on, do you marry for status or love? It is the question, Pan Li Lan a 20 years old woman in the 1890s Colonial Malacca was fighting, when she got apparent from her widow father, at the time when the business was shuttering. 

As you can seem in a fairy tale, it looks like the solution is going to be found in an exclusive party in a very beautiful dress. A shimmery number got picked by Li Lan’s Amah. Her childhood best friend Lim Tian Bai, who is back in the city from Hing Kong after completing his medical study. They always had a good relationship with them. 

What happened is, before they get in a reconnection again, Li Lan got an offer of marriage. Madame Lin, who was the host of the party, asked from Li Lan’s father for Li Lan to marry her son. Tian Ching was dead for a few months. 

, Netflix’s “Ghost Bride,” A Woman Marries A Dead Man After That Things Get Wonderfully Weird
– “Ghost Bride,”- A -Woman -Marries- A- Dead- Man- After- That- Things- Get -Wonderfully -Weird

The family and friends of Li Lan were not so thrilled, as they do not want the Miss to become a “Ghost Bride”. After that, Mr. Pan got ill, and the medical condition was also serious. A dream to Li Lan comes, in which it informed her about her dad. Her dad was drifting towards the left of the world. If Li Lan accepts the proposal, then she can deal with the situation. 

“Ghost Bride” is based on Malaysian-Chinese Author Yangsze Choo. It was one of the best selling novels. It brought the elements from some criminal series, supernatural shows. As she dreamt, she accepted the proposal. It was all mesmerizing. 

, Netflix’s “Ghost Bride,” A Woman Marries A Dead Man After That Things Get Wonderfully Weird
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