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The Ghost Bride (fantasy horror of Taiwan) is now streaming on Netflix

The opening scene shows a young girl wandering around in a netherworld has slowly overtaken by eternal death, by making her veins black and flooding her eyes. Then we will see after this scene the girl wakes up at home.

The story is of 1890, Colonial Malacca. The story is about Pan Li Lan (Huang Peijia), a 20-year-old girl who lives with her widowed father (Jordan Voon), her Amah (Susan Leong), and the family cook, Old Mr. Wong (Wilson Tin).

It’s about 12 years since Li Lan’s mother died, and her Amah had raised her when she was a baby, and think that it is the time for Li Lan to find a husband. Li Lan doesn’t want to be married as when she sees what affects marriage and kids have on her best friend, Yu-Ling (Miki Ng).

The Pan family was unexpected to get the invitation from the Lim family, holding a party to celebrate for their son Lim Tian Ching (Kuang Tian), who died at a very young age in recent months. It was not at all expected because, despite being old friends with Madam Lim (Angeline Tam), Mr. Pan hadn’t been in touch with them.

, The Ghost Bride (fantasy horror of Taiwan) is now streaming on Netflix
The Ghost Bride (fantasy horror of Taiwan) is now streaming on Netflix

As Li Lang wanders the Lim mansion, a mysterious voice called her into a room. At a shrine, she hears two servants talk ill about Tian Ching, and went to another young servant (Chris Wu), who says that he was hiding because he wants to take a nap.

The spark which she felt when she left a love letter in a book that she gave him when he left for Hong Kong,still felt.

But further, it seems like Li Lan will get embroiled in a murder mystery, which involves the deceased Tian Ching, his cousin Tian Bai and all of the mysterious Lim family.

The story is about how she will balance that with the idea that Tian Bai seems like the love of her life.

And eventually, see Wu’s character Er Lang who is a half-millennium-old god that will guide her through and this dangerous mystery and the rivalry between the Lim cousins and this perilous mystery.

Wu and her writers of The Ghost Bride with long speeches and soaking it in tradition are not larding down. Like many Netflix originals from Southeast Asia, they are just interested in telling an intriguing story with well-fleshed-out, new characters, even if it’s in a historical setting.

, The Ghost Bride (fantasy horror of Taiwan) is now streaming on Netflix
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