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We Happy Few’s Final New DLC to be Release Next Week

Compulsion Games has declared consequent chapter of we tend to Happy Few, titled we all fall down, can launch on PC, Xbox One, and PS4 on November nineteen.

“We All returns to we tend to Happy Few’s dark origins, however, burns it all down in spectacular fashion,” publisher casing wrote in exceeding promulgation. “Starving just like the remainder of the folks, Victoria wrestles together with her own withdrawals because the town slides deeper into Joy shortage and disorder.

Victoria has forever helped to stay things correct, however the nearer she appearance, the deeper the rot looks to run. Taking place like a shot when Victoria escapes from Ollie in Act III of we tend to Happy Few, we tend to All crumple sees Wellington Wells at its most dire.

To survive, you’ll be able to either stealthily walk past armed guards and shoot them together with your dart gun, otherwise you will have faith in a strong whip to each slashes your means through enemies and swing between the rooftops. The eating, sleeping, and crafting systems we tend to Happy Few doesn’t gift in we tend to All crumple.

We All crumple is that the third and final DLC for we tend to Happy Few, final the plotline to the action-adventure game. before we tend to All crumple, we tend to Happy Few’s stories were expanded on in April 2019’s they came from below and July 2019’s Lightbearer DLCs.

, We Happy Few’s Final New DLC to be Release Next Week
We Happy Few’s Final New DLC to be Release Next Week

In GameSpot’s we tend to Happy Few reviews, Alessandro Barbosa wrote, “We Happy Few’s entire gameplay loops is underpinned by boring quests and long stretches of inaction.

And even once it forces you to move with its world on the far side simply walking to waypoints, combat, stealth, and otherwise fascinating societies fail to impose the proper balance of challenge and tension.

There’s a clear lack of direction that we tend to Happy Few is rarely ready to shake, which wastes its intriguing setting. It will manage to weave every one of its 3 stories cohesively into a bigger tale, however, it is also one that is ne’er essential enough to earn the proper to repeat ‘happiness is a choice’ any probability it will.”

, We Happy Few’s Final New DLC to be Release Next Week
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