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WhatsApp added New shopping catalog feature: Details inside

With the advent of WhatsApp Business, it is now easier for users to access Business and vice versa. And as is the norm, WhatsApp continues to improve services with new features every few months and the latest addition to WhatsApp comes as a new catalog feature for users of WhatsApp Business.

The idea behind the catalog is to allow customers to easily reach customers with photos, information and other small details.

Basically, with catalogs, WhatsApp allows it’s business users to create a virtual shop where they can insert photos of their products or services.

It is like sharing cards for products. The catalog allows users to access information related to their businesses such as addresses, map locations, phone numbers, operating hours, and more. In place of the catalog, WhatsApp expects its users to search all the information within the app and not go hunting for it on the web.

, WhatsApp added New shopping catalog feature: Details inside
WhatsApp added New shopping catalog feature: Details inside

Now the catalog is being rolled out to WhatsApp Business. If you own a business and rely on WhatsApp Business to reach customers, you can create a catalog for your own company. To create a catalog, you have to go to Settings and navigate to Business Settings and then click Catalog.

After that users have to tap on ‘Add Products or Services’ and start adding photos. Users can add any picture related to the business, product or services.

The app will let users add more information such as links to websites or addresses and other important details. Once this is completed, you can proceed to ‘Save’ to publish the catalog. You can also add multiple such catalogs by repeating the same process in the app.

Whenever a customer inquires about your product or service, you can share the catalog with them from the share window. The customer can then view the product and all other information associated with that particular item.

WhatsApp says, “Product photos can be added to the catalog as well as its price, information and product code. Applying photos to the catalog does not affect your phone’s storage space, but first when the business gives you Used to send photos. Your product on WhatsApp, then your phone’s storage was full. ”

So far, the catalog for WhatsApp Business has been selected in several countries including India, Brazil, Mexico, Germany, Indonesia, and the UK.

, WhatsApp added New shopping catalog feature: Details inside
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